Babylon App

You can find the Babylon application we developed in order to follow Babylon concerts, to get information about the venues and the world of music, to listen Radio Babylon, to savev points by scanning tickets and to benefit from advantages by scanning QR code very soon in the App Store and Google Play Store. This comprehensive application which feeds from sources like CRM, CMS, radio and leds the loyalty functions to the end-user is about to come out.



With the applications, road-assist, tow truck and XXXX, we developed for Mapfre Tour Assist field teams, we allow the proccesses of Tour Assist to move to the mobile devices. Car owners can follow the tow truck by using location services. In vehicle delivery, license plates are read automatically by license plate recognition system with the help of photos that taken by Android devices.


Mitsubishi Augmented Reality

In the discovery visits the Mitsubishi Klima KesfetTeam can view the position of air conditioning in the iPad screen with the help of virtual augmented reality by rotating the iPad with our application in 3D.


Turkcell Mobile Network Reports

With the NBoard Mobile application used by Turkcell network team and the great solution partners, it can be followed the network status in the field, alarms and performance indicators are being followed in 5 minute resolution and it is provided that taking quick actions with push notifications. The application which runs on iOS and Android, is using the technology of CollabMobile which is a cloud product tha we developed.


Opet IK Mobile Reporting

Opet human resources can follow the informations, IK reports which integrated into SAP system by administrators daily and CVs of employees can be viewed. The application is running on iOS platform and it is using the CollabMobile technology that we have developed.


SpeedApp Rating Reports

"For the ones that love the data in a simple, understandable and mobile: Speed App" Speed Medya which is hitting the road with this slogan lets you carry the answers for "What was the most watched program yesterday? Which channel was watched how much? Who is the advertiser which invests the most in this month?" with you. The application is running on iOS and Android devices and it uses CollabMobile mobile reporting technology.


Kookai Sales Reports

Australian apparel company Kookai Australia is following sales and inventory reports with the CollabMobile technology on iOS and Android devices. The reports that we integrated into firm's POS system are sending informations to administrators with 15 minutes resolutions.

Turkcell Business Apps

Turkcell Business Web Apps

We have developed numerous reporting and workflow applications by using current web technologies to use within Turkcell. Turkcell staffs and solution partners are continue their works in a more efficient and effective way with the web applications and reporting interfaces we have developed.Some of the applications we developed for Turkcell are; MyDashboard Plus, ICTSLM, Crowded Events, Event Entry, NBoardWeb, NBoardMobile, OutsourceManagement, Network Analytics, Vendor Management.